PLYCA represents a mature choice to uptake the digital transformation of the public procurement in Contracting authorities and Public entities of all shapes and sizes


PLYCA is the modular solution of nexus IT designed in 1997 to integrally manage all process stages of tendering and procurement in electronic format.

PLYCA is based on a comprehensive, flexible and interoperable model able to suit the specific needs of the contracting organization where it will be implemented, while ensuring legal certainty and confidence. 

PLYCA meets both the needs of public contracting authorities that want to implement the electronic procurement, such as those organizations that want to uptake tendering, or that want to solve both. The PLYCA modules can be deployed together or independently and can be the complement of others previously installed.

PLYCA can be used in the various options offered by the IT industry, i.e., as a platform or as software product, on the  contracting authority premises, or in the cloud. The delivery model can vary over time depending the real needs and the budget.

nexus IT offers to the contractor authorities and public entities all the elements to make a transition to  full eProcurement, through PLYCA and our specialized services catalogue.

PLYCA is a proven solution since 1997. Since then, PLYCA is helping to promote the transparency, the  accountability and the efficiency.


  • Tendering

    Managing the relationship between the economical operators and contractors, enabling the exchange of any type of document electronically. The tenders are kept encrypted until the opening session.

  • Workflow and dossier management

    We provide a complete set of tools to manage the procurement dossier and its documents throughout their life complying with the law and directives and adopting the level of customization required by the public organization.

  • Reports and dashboards

    It provides very powerful and friendly tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the procurements processes.

  • File and document management

    To manage all documents involved in the process, both issued by the contracting authority as received by the suppliers. This file allows exporting to third entities following normative standards.

  • Catalogues and Central purchasing bodies

    It allows to the contracting authorities to publish catalogues for goods and services and to the suppliers to submit bids. It is essential for implementing Dynamic Purchasing Systems and Central Purchasing bodies.

  • eAuctions

    PLYCA implements the eAuction as an additional award method to improve the negotiation process with the suppliers following the requirements of EC Directives.

  • Contractor profile

    According to the law, PLYCA provides notices on the active procedures, enabling the suppliers to participate in the tendering process. The notices can be available as well through the PLCSP.

  • Tools for the bidding companies

    Specific solutions targeted to ensure the technical and functional aspects of the tendering.

  • Electronic signature

    It provides, in a decoupled fashion, the functionality of the electronic signature and encryption.

  • Electronic notifications

    It provides an electronic mechanism for communication between suppliers and the government based on reliable electronic signature and time stamping

  • Connector module

    Designed to allow the integration of PLYCA with third party systems. It is based on Web Services and XML messaging supported by UBL.

  • Registry interface

    This interface enables the registration of incoming and outgoing documents submitted by the suppliers during the tendering process. It’s a Web service.